In 60 Seconds #1 - Boulez - Notation 1

If you had only 12 bars to write music, what would you write? Pierre Boulez started off his 12 Notations with this one, titled 'Fantasque', an imaginary caprice. It starts off with a question and ends with the exact same question, but on the lowest register of the piano, making it sound more like a grumble than a something asked. See if you can hear the answer to the first question that we hear. 


If I could describe this piece in a sentence, I think it would be 'a hundred daydreams in a minute'. How would you describe it?

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Watch this space for the notation no. 2! The second piece lasts not longer than 20 seconds and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then 20 seconds is worth a thousand listenings. 

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