2017/18 Summary

Summer begins with the end of the 2017/18 academic year. It has been for me an eventful one with many firsts and little regrets. As a pianist, it was the first time I played a full Beethoven Sonata (op. 109) in concert. It was also the first time where I programmed a recital with almost entirely new music. Through this experience, I met the wonderful composer Kareem Roustom. A couple of months ago saw the inception of a project I named #Contemporarymusicin60seconds , where weekly videos of contemporary music get posted on my Instagram channel. The first set of pieces, Douze Notations by Boulez, are almost finished and I am excited to be choosing the next few pieces for the series. Perhaps a friend will join me for a couple of videos.

The past year was also a good for me as a composer. 'Invisible Cities' for piano solo and 'Duang' for string quartet received their premieres in Germany. Another piece, 'Afternoon on a hill' received its premiere in New York. I have not received the footage, but I am here excitedly waiting for it.

As far as prizes go, I would say I have been very fortunate in terms of opportunities and support. At the end of July, I took part in a piano competition titled 'Kunst und Frieden – Internationaler Klavierwettbewerb für junge Pianisten' and managed to win second place in my age category. I also entered Invisible Cities in a composition competition titled '30th Siegburger Composition Competition' and it too won second place. Earlier, 'Afternoon on a hill' won the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Composition Competition. 


Eyes and ears pointing ahead, I am looking forward to the next year (which will be my last in Kassel). There are many exciting projects coming up which I will share with you here on this blog. For now, it's time to go on holiday.

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