In 60 Seconds #6 - Boulez - Notation 6

To you, Boulez's 6th notation may sound like a slurry of notes. To me, it actually kind of does. Despite the fact that the left hand is playing exactly what the right hand does, just two notes displaced (and from the middle, playing a mirrored version), it still sounds like chaos. How is that something written down on paper has so much order, but sounds absolutely nothing like order?


While we ponder this question, it's good to have some images in mind. When I was practicing this, it felt like vertigo, staring down a skyscraper, dizzying and nausea-inducing. It had to do with the 'height' of the piece, jumping from the highest key to the lowest through the craziest leaps in the middle. What image can you imagine?

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Last week's video was the fifth movement of the series. Click here to catch up if you haven't seen it already! Next week's video will feature Boulez's 8th notation. Watch this space to keep watching!

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