How do you make music in 60 seconds?

I'd like to invite you to open your ears for not more than 6o seconds. Why? Because some of the most fascinating works of our time can fit in the amount of time it takes for you to check the weather. Let me show you some of these pieces. 


I've created a series on Instagram called #contemporarymusicin6oseconds. Just search the hashtag and you will find it. In this series, I post weekly videos of works that are no longer than a minute. You could call them minute works. 


In addition, I will blog about these posts every week. I start the series with Pierre Boulez's 12 Notations, a collection of 12 piano pieces, each lasting 12 bars long, each containing all the 12 pitches within the span of an octave. What do these pieces sound like? Well, Notation no. 1 can be heard here.

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