PREMIERE: Invisible Cities - At The Gate - Duang

I'm excited to announce that another semester of work is now bearing fruit. Three of my works, along with others by my colleagues, will be performed next Wednesday (16th May) in the Musikakademie Kassel. The entrance is free. 

sheet music score of Ersilia from invisible cities for solo piano
Score of ersilia


Penthesilea - Isaura - Adelma - Valdrada - Ersilia

This is a set of five pieces for solo piano, inspired by Calvino's novel of the same name. A couple of the movements are inspired directly by Calvino's descriptions, but others go beyond a programmatic setting of the descriptions. The pieces can be performed in any order. 


Natyra Elezi will premiere Invisible Cities. 



I. In the dream - IV. On every trip

A song cycle for soprano, viola and piano based on the disastrously heart-wrenching poem about loss by Henryk Nordbrandt. It is still a work in progress. Still, I am excited for these two movements to be first to reach the ears of others. 


Hyeonsoo Kim (Soprano), Yishi Zhao (Viola) and Mariam Gyöletsyan (Piano) will premiere the two movements of At The Gate. 


DUANG for string quartet

In 2004, Jackie Chan coined the word Duang in a shampoo commercial and since then it's become a viral meme in China. Originally, Jackie Chan used this word as an onomatopoeia to describe his hair. But you could probably use the word in any way you like and it will still make sense. For this reason I chose this as the quartet's title, since the musical material requires many, many bouncing of the bows.....


Ariya Wibisono (Violin), Nange Xu (Violin), Sabrina Schwarz (Viola) and David Gayler (Cello) will premiere Duang. 

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