latest · 05. September 2019
I'm happy to announce that my piece Vatni was premiered last August in Kuala Lumpur by the one and only MeiYi Foo. It was part of the Free Hands Festival, a festival presenting nine works by nine Malaysian composers. The event was organized by the Malaysian Composer Collective. As part of the event, two composers were selected and commissioned to write a piece for UCSI's International Piano Competition and Festival in 2020. I am honored to be one of the composers commissioned.
latest · 01. August 2018
Summer begins with the end of the 2017/18 academic year. It has been for me an eventful one with many firsts and little regrets. As a pianist, it was the first time I played a full Beethoven Sonata (op. 109) in concert. It was also the first time where I programmed a recital with almost entirely new music. Through this experience, I met the wonderful composer Kareem Roustom. A couple of months ago saw the inception of a project I named #Contemporarymusicin60seconds , where weekly videos of conte

latest · 07. July 2018
I know it sounds dogmatic, especially coming from a person like me, yet I've come to believe this more and more now. I came to Germany with no expectations. Actually, I came here because I found no place back home where I could study. Almost like a last ditch effort, I rationalized that Germany is the place to be to study Western Classical Music, I hopped on that plane and never regretted that decision.

latest · 24. June 2018
I'd like to invite you to open your ears for not more than 6o seconds. Why? Because some of the most fascinating works of our time can fit in the amount of time it takes for you to check the weather. Let me show you some of these pieces. I've created a series on Instagram called #contemporarymusicin6oseconds. Just search the hashtag and you will find it. In this series, I post weekly videos of works that are no longer than a minute. You could call them minute works.
latest · 19. May 2018
Last Wednesday, it was the composition class's turn to present what they have been doing for the past academic year (me included). This time, we were blessed with wonderful performances and an equally wonderful audience, who never let a single cough out through the entire albeit short concert!
latest · 30. April 2018
Next week, on the 9th of May, I will be playing a charity concert with Sabine Wackernagel. Taking place in the main hall of where I study (Musikakademie Stadt Kassel), there will be works by Julia Wolfe, Kareem Roustom and Mel Bonis.