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ContemporaryMusicIn60Seconds · 30. June 2018
If you had only 12 bars to write music, what would you write? Pierre Boulez started off his 12 Notations with this one, titled 'Fantasque', an imaginary caprice. It starts off with a question and ends with the exact same question, but on the lowest register of the piano, making it sound more like a grumble than a something asked. See if you can hear the answers to the first question that we hear.
I'm excited to announce that another semester of work is now bearing fruit. Three of my works, along with others by my colleagues, will be performed next Wednesday (16th May) in the Musikakademie Kassel. The entrance is free.

latest · 30. April 2018
Next week, on the 9th of May, I will be playing a charity concert with Sabine Wackernagel. Taking place in the main hall of where I study (Musikakademie Stadt Kassel), there will be works by Julia Wolfe, Kareem Roustom and Mel Bonis.