Some of the scores are not yet available for purchase. Please get in contact with me to obtain the scores!

Invisible Cities (2017/18), for solo piano

Vatni (2017), for solo piano

Afternoon on a Hill (2017), for three-part (T-Bar-B) men's choir

Abraham, Take your son (2017), for S.A.T.B Choir

Traveller, My Name (2016), for viola and guitar

premiere: 22.5.17, Yishi Zhao, Elias Rückborn

Musikakademie Kassel

Swim (2016), for three pianists and one piano

premiere: 22.5.17, Suyeon Choi, Xianzi He, Samuel Cho

Musikakademie Kassel

Melawat Tempat Hati Berlindung (2016), for 6-part vocal ensemble (SMezATBarB)

Arbophillia (2016), for solo piano

premiere: 26.4.17, William Howard

Hoxton Hall, London