Duang (2018) for string quartet

duration: 7'00"

Program notes:

In 2004, Jackie Chan coined the word Duang in a shampoo commercial and since then it's become a viral meme in China. Originally, Jackie Chan used this word as an onomatopoeia to describe his hair. But you could probably use the word in any way you like and it will still make sense. For this reason I chose this as the quartet's title, since the musical material requires many, many bouncing of the bows.....


Duang is a piece that pulses with rhythm and is suitable for young quartets who have a need for speed or simply something that gets their energy pumped. It requires concentrated coordination and a fine sense of balance from the players as the dynamic ranges from almost nothing to triple fortes.


The SAND Quartet gave the premiere of Duang on the 16th of May 2018 in the main hall of the Musikakademie Kassel.