Invisible Cities (2017/18), for solo piano

premiere: 5.10.18


awarded 2nd prize in the Siegburg Composition Competition 2018

Program notes

Based on Italo Calvino's novel of the same name, Invibile Cities is a set of five piano pieces. They are based and named after Calvino's cities 'Adelma', 'Isaura', 'Ersilia', 'Penthesilea' and 'Valdrada'. Each of them immerses the performer and the audience into a separate sonic world/portrait whilst still remaining in the realm of piano playing. With each city lasting never more than a page, like a map of city, the performer is challenged to create a unity with the limited time and material available. 


When composing Invisible Cities, I was interested in how time flows in a miniaturized context as well as our perception of the continuity or in-continuity of sounds. While the titles do offer sparkling and vivid imagery, I hope the music gains as much lift for it to stand on its own, as it has for me.